Review CPG

All planners must understand CPG

CPG posted for access by all planners

Emphasis on CoA Development Guidance

E.G. Comd's CoA Comparison Criteria

Staff Analysis

Analysis of factors from Steps 1 & 2

Terrain and weather in the AO

Own Forces

Situation, capabilities, limitations

Enemy Force Capabilities


Risk Levels and Mitigation

E.G. Force Protection Posture

Assigned and Implied Tasks

Political/Host Nation concerns

Civilian presence/pattern of life


Time and Space

Command & Control considerations

CSS and Movement

Rules of Engagement

Lessons Learned from previous Ops

Advisor Input

Engineer, Arty, Air, Legal, Political, CIMIC, PA

Develop Enemy CoAs

Always develop ECoAs first

IPB Products

Most Likely (MLECoA)

Most Dangerous (MDECoA)

ECoAs provide reference point for FCoAs

Develop Friendly CoAs

Broad concepts

Develop as much detail as time/situation permits

Name each CoA

Simple, easily recognizable names

Parts of a CoA


Scheme of Manoeuvre


Generic, no specific assignment yet


Main Effort

End State





Likely Targets

Developed further in Targeting process

CoA Graphic / Trace

CoAs Answer Questions


E.G. Inf BG, Armd Bde, SOF Team, Avn Sqn


Tasks, E.G. Secure, Clear, Disrupt, Seize, Provide Reserve


Sequence, Manoeuvre


What is the purpose and end state?



CoA Creation Considerations

Tasks from CPG and Staff Analysis

Resources available for each task

Sequencing of tasks

May indicate possible phases

Phasing, Main Effort by Phase, and End State

Assign tasks to generic units/capabilities

Avoid specific assignment at this stage

Think two levels down

Bde planners set number and type of sub-units for tasks


How will sub-units be grouped to achieve their tasks?

May indicate possible C2 relationships

CoA Viability Test


All CoAs must pass the Viability Test

Can it accomplish the mission?

CoA Comparison

CoAs selected by Comd for further development

Surviving CoAs compared against MLECoA and MDECoA

Further refine as staff analysis provides data

CoA Comparison Wargame

May result in CoA refinments

Develop CoA Comparison Matrix for Decision Brief

Decision Brief


Decision Brief

Results of comparison, Comd selects FCoA for Plan

Finalize CONOPS

Selected FCoA refined into complete CONOPS

Starting point for Plan Development

Brief to Higher before proceeding

If possible, to avoid late changes


Concept of Operations Format

Assign number and name


Comd: Guidance on CoA Development

Comd selects CoAs to develop further

Comd: CoA Comparison Criteria

Comd: Select FCoAs for CoA Comparison War Game

Comd: Decision on final CoA for Plan Development

Staff: ECoAs

Most Likely and Most Dangerous

Staff: FCoAs

Minimum 2


Staff: Information Brief


Staff: CoA Comparison War Game

Compare FCoAs against ECoAs, use CCC


Staff: Decision Brief

Results of comparison, Comd selects FCoA for Plan


Staff: Updated/Supplementary Wng O

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