Categorization of Deductions

[C] Constraint

[CCC] CoA Comparison Criteria

[CI] Coordinating Instruction

[CM] Control Measure

[ES] End State

[ET] Essential Task

[G] Grouping

[LF] Limiting Factor

[MTV] Mission Task Verb

[PG] Planning Guidance

[R] Restraint

[RFI] Request For Information

[RFR] Request For Resource

[T] Task

Common Acronyms

KT - Key Terrain

VG - Vital Ground

CG - Canalizing Ground

HOL / HL - Handover Line

FPOL / FPL - Forward Passage of Lines

RPOL / RPL - Rearward Passage of Lines

IDP - Internall Displaced Persons

SoM - Scheme of Manoeuvre

RAS - Rear Area Security

LD - Line of Departure

AA - Assembly Area

FB - Firebase


An assumption is information which is assumed, as you do not have exact information, and for which you are assuming a risk

E.G. Road networks around small towns will allow for bypass of my force

Assumptions from higher HQ are treated as facts

Look for new/additional assumptions

Keep track of all assumptions made as you progress

Don't assume enemy strength or capabilities

Don't assume your strength or capabilities

It is ok to have no assumptions

Superior Commander

Intent often results in Unifying Statement

Higher Commander


Higher Commander's CONOPS

Assigned Tasks


Assigned Tasks

Implied Tasks


Implied Tasks


Constraints: Must do

Restraints: Must not do

Time and Space if in Higher Commander's mission statement or an assigned task

Otherwise consider under Time and Space

Rules of engagement

Is there a rule that will shape the outcome of this estimate?

Is there a force structure, terrain, effect, and/or movement restraint(s), which affects your scheme of manoeuvre?

Has the Situation Changed?

No, carry on!

Yes, but the plan is still viable

Yes, Mission is valid but plan must be changed

Yes, Mission no longer valid; restart estimate

Consider unforeseen opportunities and threats

Mission Statement

Clear and concise statement of mission task

Purpose/Unifying Statement

May include a time constraint

Clarification (if required)

Points from MA for clarification with Higher Commander or Staff


Information Requirements


Commander's Critical Information Requirements


Requests for Information

Completion checklist:

Have I identified the essential task?

I.E. The Mission Task Verb

Have I identified the unifying statement?

'In order to...'

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