Class I - Subsistence

Items of subsistence, e.g. food and forage, which are consumed by personnel or animals at an approximately uniform rate, irrespective of local changes in combat or terrain conditions.

Class II - General & Technical Supplies

Supplies for which allowances are established by tables of organization and equipment, e.g. clothing, weapons, tools, spare parts, vehicles.

Class III - POL

Petroleum, oil and lubricants (POL) for all purposes, except for operating aircraft or for use in weapons such as flamethrowers, e.g. gasoline, fuel oil, greases, coal and coke.

Class IIIa: Aviation fuel and lubricants

Class IV - Construction & Field Defence

Supplies for which initial issue allowances are not prescribed by approved issue tables. Normally includes fortification and construction materials, as well as additional quantities of items identical to those authorized for initial issue (Class II) such as additional vehicles.

Class V - Ammunition

Ammunition, explosives and chemical agents of all types.

Class VI - Amenities

Personal demand and non-military sales items.

Class VII - Major End Items

Final combination of end products that are ready for their intended use. E.G. Launchers, tanks, mobile machine shops, vehicles, etc.

Class VIII - Medical Materiel

Medical and dental materiel including specific repair parts.

Class IX - Repair Parts & Components

Kits, assemblies and sub-assemblies, repairable and non-repairable materiel that are required for the maintenance of all equipment.

Class X - Materiel to Support Non-Military Programmes

Supplies for humanitarian operations including assistance to refugees as well as economic and cultural development.

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